Land Cruiser 2025: Concept, Specs, Photos

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Land Cruiser 2025: Concept, Specs, Photos. Will there be a Land Cruiser in 2025? There have been rumours that Toyota will bring back its huge and burly SUV to the auto market, but with the current circumstances and the fact that no one wants to buy it, will it still be a smart idea or is Toyota doing the pointless thing? There are reasons why they are discontinuing production of the Land Cruiser, despite the fact that many of its ardent supporters are disappointed. But, on the other hand, we must be honest and look at the situation objectively, rather than emotionally.

Performance and Powertrain

If the 2025 Land Cruiser is similar to the Lexus GX, it will be powered by the Hybrid Max inline four unit with 2.4 litre capacity, which has been utilised in the new (Toyota) Crown and other cars. This configuration can produce 340 horsepower (maximum 350 hp) and 400 Nm of torque. Toyota appears to be leaning towards the inline four unit rather than the V8 cylinder with 5.7 litre capacity (used by the Land Cruiser 2021) that can create 381 horsepower and 401 Nm of torque.

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Land Cruiser 2025: Concept, Specs, Photos

The Potentially Revised Strategy

The president of the business’s North American sales, Jack Hollis, claimed that there is a strong probability that the Land Cruiser moniker may return ‘at some time,’ however the company has yet to reveal their future plans.

According to rumours, ‘at some point’ will most likely relate to the 2025 model. While the nameplate would return, it would not be for the J300 model. In reality, the new Cruiser is supposed to be influenced by the Land Cruiser Prado, although it will be less expensive and smaller. This vehicle is known as the Lexus GX in the United States. However, there has been no official confirmation, so we can only speculate.

Land Cruiser 2025: Concept, Specs, Photos

Concerning the Land Cruiser

Toyota chose in 2021 to discontinue production of the Land Cruiser and the J300 model, however customers who prefer the J300 model can still have it in Lexus form. Despite the fact that this large SUV is regarded user-friendly, no one is interested in purchasing one. Many buyers thought the Land Cruiser was inefficient and fat. And with a price tag approaching $90,000, it’s simply too much. Regardless of the features and numerous perks offered, no one wants to spend so much money on something that is deemed overly fat and thick.

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Land Cruiser 2025: Concept, Specs, Photos

Toyota, on the other hand, has not stated that the brand will be dropped. They still want to learn more about it, particularly its off-road capabilities. They declared that they will no longer produce their (current) Land Cruiser, but they also claimed that they intended to explore more and recommended their supporters to remain tuned for future innovations.

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Land Cruiser 2025: Concept, Specs, Photos

Price and availability

This future Land Cruiser will not be the flagship model. It would be placed above 4Runner and just beneath Sequoia in the lineup. The pricing is currently unknown, but the GX is expected to cost around $50,000. Given the features and performance, this is regarded as the logical pricing range.

If Toyota is able to build a better and more sturdy offroad version of the Land Cruiser (at least one that is better than the GX), then the Lexus GX can be built to be somewhat Lexus-like, as well as premium and luxury.

The Land Cruiser’s release date is uncertain. It’s unclear whether it’ll make a comeback as the 2025 model. If it does return as the 2025 Land Cruiser, we should hear more from Toyota.