Will the 2025 Ford Evos Replace the Ford Edge in the United States?

Will the 2025 Ford Evos Replace the Ford Edge in the United States?. The 2025 Ford Evos is on its way. This vehicle debuted last year at the Shanghai Motor Show. It is a model designed specifically for China. New Evos are expected to arrive in Mexico later in 2022. This isn’t everything. Some sources suggest that the Evos SUV could completely replace the Ford Edge design.

In case you didn’t know, the Ford Edge and Lincoln Nautilus will be discontinued after the 2025 model year. This means that the Evos model may also make its way to America. Obviously, this is far from official, but it appears that Ford has great plans for the Evos nameplate in the future.

Will the 2025 Ford Evos Replace the Ford Edge in the United States?

Engine Specifications:

The anticipated 2025 Ford Evos will have numerous powerplant options. This design will use engines from various designs, including the PHEV system from the Escape crossover. A 2.0-liter four-cylinder is available as a base engine option. The same drivetrain will power the new Bronco Sport model.

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The specifications are not yet known, but many experts predict approximately 245 horsepower and 275 lb-ft of torque. We expect the Evos’ specifications will be rather similar. A hybrid powertrain should be optional, while an all-electric design will not be available in the next two years.

Will the 2025 Ford Evos Replace the Ford Edge in the United States?

Exterior Design

We do not foresee any changes to this model because it is very fresh. The 2025 Ford Evos will appear erect and completely modern. The Evos model has a wagon-like look, while being an SUV. Ford unveiled a new “3D parametric” grille with simple LED headlights. The front fascia is genuinely unique and contemporary. In addition, Evos has pop-out door handles.

Obviously, Evos in China will differ from those in other regions of the world. Aside from the external colours, the wheels could be the most distinguishing feature. Anyway, Evos is a unique and beautiful design with a lot to offer. If you’re looking for similar cars, consider the Subaru Outback or Acura ZDX.

Will the 2025 Ford Evos Replace the Ford Edge in the United States?

Ford Evos Interior

Inside the cabin, the brand-new 2025 Ford Evos will have a large screen, which is the highlight of the interior. Evos, like the Mustang Mach-E crossover, will use the same E/E platform. As a result, the Evos model will be able to receive updates via OTA. More crucially, the range-topping trim level will include the Blue Cruise feature.

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Most likely, it will be a Level 2 driver-assist system, similar to the GM Super Cruise. The next Evos will deliver a high degree of performance. The convenience is outstanding, and this model will provide ample cabin room. We are waiting for additional information, but the majority of the interior improvements will take place in the state-of-the-art category.

2025 Ford Evos Release Date and Price

The price of the anticipated 2025 Ford Evos remains unknown. This model will first be available in China and is expected to cost roughly $27,000. Sales will begin later this year, and the Evos design could appear in the United States. This design will be manufactured in Mexico and should replace the Ford Edge in the coming months.

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