Audi A4 Avant 2025: Concept, Specs, and Photos

Audi A4 Avant 2025: Concept, Specs, and Photos. With the 2025 Audi A4 Avant said to be undergoing a revamp, it’s understandable that people are interested in the new style and creative styling. The car has been spotted with thick camo in the last (many) events, but it has now dropped the cameo in the most recent spy shot photographs. The taillights and grille may now be seen in their entirety, however other details remain unknown.

Audi A4 Avant 2025: Concept, Specs, and Photos

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Performance and Powertrain

The powertrain, on the other hand, is still a mystery. Audi has not commented on the matter, however some sources have said that hybrid power is absolutely available to the public. The 2025 model would be the last generation of A4 Avant with combustion engines. With Audi’s commitment to a fully electrified structure, the business chose to achieve it sooner rather than later. Because of this, it’s probable that the future A4 Avant will not include the sedan.

Audi A4 Avant 2025: Concept, Specs, and Photos

The Revised Strategy

The (long roof) A4 was last observed under heavy cover. The grille was half-covered (on the lower part) at the time, and the taillights were still partially installed on the placeholders. Although the camo wrap is still applied in a full body manner and is not fully uncovered, some sections can be ‘guessed’. Audi may have plans to deceive buyers, but they are no longer attempting to hide it. There are no bulky and hefty covers, no phony panels (at least not visible), and the visible taillights appear to be production-ready.

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These photographs were taken while the prototype was riding around in public. The taillight design is plainly visible in the photographs. It becomes more visible as the driver activates the (turn) signal or applies the brakes. LED strips (controlled horizontally) in red can be seen, although with an orange tinge on the base of the taillights’ tiny lenses. The parallelogram parts can also be seen on the top area.

The only element that cannot be seen is whether the lights have a red reflector connecting them over the liftgate. If you look closely, you can see body lines that appear to be a perfect match to the lenses. The red part can also be seen through the middle of the camo.

Audi A4 Avant 2025: Concept, Specs, and Photos

The Outside Appearance

On the front, it appears that the larger grille is already in production. It appears new where the grille does not drop to the fascia’s bottom side. Around the corner vents, the body lines have triangular elements. It implies that it will be smaller than the existing model. We don’t know much about the rest of the outside, so we’ll have to wait for more information.

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Audi A4 Avant 2025: Concept, Specs, and Photos

The Inside Cabin

The interior of the new 2025 Audi A4 Avant is still unknown because there are no images of it. However, prior photos showed a different architecture with a rectangular digital display, and this offset configuration is quite large, implying that it may be accommodated within a single panel. However, because there has been no official confirmation, we can only speculate and forecast.

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Price and availability

If all goes as planned, the A4 Avant might be presented in the first half of 2023, however the specific date has yet to be established. The price information is also sketchy, so we can’t really get any confirmation on it. Keep in mind that the 2025 Audi A4 will only be produced for the European market, so don’t anticipate it to appear in the United States.

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