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Acura Integra Type S 2025: Changes, Price, and Pictures

Acura Integra Type S 2025: Changes, Price, and Pictures. There are plans for the 2025 Acura Integra Type S, which will go into production in 2023. Acura has chosen to resurrect the Integra moniker (for the 2023 model year) by introducing a more expensive and luxury version of the Civic Si. People are asking if this implies Acura would build the Type S on the Civic Type R platform, and it’s a good thing the 2025 model will be available soon, as the manufacturer has confirmed the Type S Integra’s existence.

Performance and Powertrain

According to the manufacturing plan, the new 2025 Acura Integra Type S will have a VTEC turbocharged unit with a 2.0 liter capacity, capable of producing 300 hp, similar to the Civic Type R. The Integra, like the Type R, would have a manual 6-speed transmission. It’d also have a restricted slip differential. However, as compared to the Type R, this new Integra would be more premium and have less track-focused performance.

Acura Integra Type S 2025: Changes, Price, and Pictures

The Design Options

There have been various teaser photographs of the Acura, most notably the Type S in camouflage. Many details have been covered and masked, but the aggressive model and style that is hidden beneath the vinyl wrap can still be seen. The front bumper appears ‘angrier’ and more aggressive, matching the rear bumper. There is also a tri-tip exhaust on the back, which is comparable to the Type R.

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When Acura is so tight-lipped about their shared information, it’s difficult to gain more information about the overall design. However, given that the new Type S is based on the Type R, it is reasonable to expect the Type S to have a powertrain similar to the Type R.

Acura Integra Type S 2025: Changes, Price, and Pictures

The Revised Model

We all know that the Civic Type R is built to maximize lap times. Integra Type S, like the base Integra, would be a more opulent and exclusive choice, but without the rear wing of Type R. The new Acura Integra is projected to have a finer interior and less weight construction. Furthermore, it would include superior materials that can absorb noise significantly and an upgraded sound system.

Honda is stuck with the Civic Type R and its front-wheel-drive setup. Acura may stick with the same design for their forthcoming Type S. However, the firm hasn’t mentioned anything about it, so many people are hoping that Acura will install (and provide) its SH-AWD (Super Handling All Wheel Driving) system to make the Type S more enticing.

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Acura Integra Type S 2025: Changes, Price, and Pictures

Concerning the Integra

Acura Integra is a fun hatchback that shares its motor and unit with the Civic Si. Because the Civic Type R is the big brother of the Si, many people expect the firm to build a’sister’ model to the same model. And it has been verified that the Integra Type S has been designed.

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Acura Integra Type S 2025: Changes, Price, and Pictures


Price and availability

If all goes as planned, the redesigned Integra Type S should be available in dealerships in the summer of 2023. The pricing is not yet known. Some people, though, have made forecasts. Given that the Civic Type R has a starting price of $43,000, it’s quite likely that the new Integra Type S will be more expensive.

There’s not much to look forward to because Acura has kept the new Type S under wraps. As the debut date approaches, the corporation should release additional information and updates about their 2025 Acura Integra Type S.

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