Dodge Journey 2025: Release Date, Specs, and Photos

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Dodge Journey 2025: Release Date, Specs, and Photos

Dodge Journey 2025: Release Date, Specs, and Photos. The 2025 Dodge Journey may have a specific target market in Mexico, where the crossover is extremely popular. The Journey is a family crossover with a lot of power, useful features, and an attractive style. Stellantis collaborated with GAC (Guangzhou Auto Group Co, Ltd.) and Trumpchi GS5 to bring the 2022 model back to the area. The Journey was originally built as a three-row crossover for families, but the New Dodge Journey 2025 model will be a two-row vehicle that can easily seat five people.

Performance and Powertrain

The 2025 Dodge Journey will almost certainly have various powertrain options. As standard, an inline four cylinder turbocharged powerplant of 1.5 liter displacement produces 169 horsepower and 195 Nm of torque. This model includes an electronically controlled low inertia Borg Warner turbocharger and a (second generation) Bosch injection system with high pressure capability. It is carried out to ensure that fuel consumption, pollution reduction, and combustion stability are all maintained.

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Dodge Journey 2025: Release Date, Specs, and Photos

This engine is mated to an Aisin 6-speed automatic transmission, which provides quick shifting response, adaptive smart control, self-learning, and low fuel economy. The O=Journey now has Natural Control as well as ESS (Engine Stop/Start) thanks to this Aisin unit.

Dodge Journey 2025: Release Date, Specs, and Photos

The Interior of the 2025 Dodge Journey

Journey’s cabin has a reputation for being one of the most luxurious. It’s not only posh, but also extravagant and extremely comfortable. The cabin is spacious, with enough room for 5 adult travelers. Not to mention the large cargo capacity with a clever 60/40 layout that expands the space even further.

It’s a good thing that GS5 inspired some of the interior pieces, especially the higher-quality materials. You may expect a lot from this crossover with its (LCD) digital information panel, more functions, and safe drive assist technologies.

Dodge Journey 2025: Release Date, Specs, and Photos

Layout and design

The 2025 model is the second generation Journey, and it has established itself as one of the most popular (and best-selling) SUVs in the Mexican market. Congratulations to Dodge’s design team for successfully combining the Trumpchi GS5 with Dodge’s unique style without overdoing or underdoing the layout. The bandit-style grille, as well as the 190 (LED) rear taillight bar inspired by the GS5, are two of the crossover’s greatest styling aspects. When compared to the previous 2020 Journey, the new model appears more sporty and macho.

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Dodge Journey 2025: Release Date, Specs, and Photos

Q and A

Q: When will the Journey be available in dealerships?
A: You’re in luck if you live in Mexico, because the Journey is already available at the company’s dealerships.
Q: According to certain reports, the Journey will be available in six different exterior colors. What exactly are they?
A: Shiny copper, black gloss, blue bright, silver, white bright, and granite would be the colors.
Q: What is the price range for the 2025 Dodge Journey?
A: The pricing range information is currently quite restricted, so we should know more later once more (and complete) information regarding the 2025 Dodge Journey is available.